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Client Stories

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Meet Jaryd

I like being with ACS as a SIL Participant as ACS is a very Family Orientated Provider which makes me feel like where I am I can call home. I have been learning independent skills such as keeping my area tidy, using the right chemicals for cleaning and learning which items are used for what. Staff have also been helping me learn to cook my own meals and promoting my independence. ACS has been helping me become a better member of society and has allowed me to be the best version of myself.

Meet David

It’s been years now since I started with ACS and over that time, I can really say they have truly saved me, they got me out of hospital and supported me when no one else would!

It’s been fantastic, the workers, the owners they all truly care, I feel comfortable knowing I’ve got them supporting me.

From helping me with personal care to cleaning and even catching my snake on the loose in my house anything that happens is always done with a smile.

Meet Karen

The reason I enjoy being apart of ACS is I get to live in my own home (SIL).
ACS staff encourage my creative talents by specialized craft days in areas I’m interested in.
I love learning to cook meals and baking at home, going out on social activities with the ladies I live with such as going to the movies, going to dinner and ballroom dancing.
I enjoy the company social days with bingo and socializing during the week or group BBQS on the weekend.